DBS AI/Simlandmarks Yak-40 AI Project:

DBS Yak-40 AI

Package included Yak-40 AI Install and documentation.

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DBS Studio and Simlandmarks proudly present an FSX version of the Yak-40 AI model which original FS9 version was released in 2005 as freeware.

New model utilizes the same bitmap layout making the existing liveries designed for FS9 model are fully compatible with the new model.

Model is completely redesigned to take a full advantage of the new native FSX MDL format.

With this product DBS Studio and Simlandmarks started the new series of the professionally designed AI models for FSX.

Paintkit for Yak-40 AI Project can be received after mail request to DBS Support.

DBS AI/Simlandmarks Yak-40 AI Project Screenshots: