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DBS FollowMe

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Any port, any plane, any car, any place within port..
Lost while taxiing in airport? Request FollowMe.. Now!

Any car from simulator list, any car from flightsimulator's internet resources...
Integration into simulator environment.
Transparent dialogs like ATC. Easy navigation, fast response...
Follow to the car and never get lost in any airport.
From gate to runway, from parking to fuel station, from runway to cargo dock...
New age in taxiing!

DBS FollowMe Updates:

DBS FollowMe update 1.5.1
Fixed problem with transparent interface windows on some computers.
From update 1.5.0:
Transparency processing BGL scenery files;
Selecting between BGL processing and external airport database (in Settings dialog);
External airport database updating directly from simulator (in Addons/FollowMe menu);
Selecting between transparent interface windows and classic windows dialogs (in Settings dialog);
Menu "Addons/FollowMe Window" to open main dialog window without keyboard shortcuts;
Settings dialog to adjust car speed, car distance, car type, keyboard shortcut;
Assigning car to airport in Settings dialog;
Helicopter taxiing mode - up to 100 ft taxiing altitude;
Improved scanning of AFCAD files in right order.
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DBS FollowMe Car Pack:

DBS Car Pack 1 for DBS FollowMe FSX service
Now two cars for FollowMe. Day, night, lights and strobe. Always near, always visible!

Work together with DBS FollowMe service for FSX only (version 1.4.0 or above).

Download Car Pack 1

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