DBS Profile Radar:

DBS Profile Radar

Package included Profile Radar Install (for both simulator - FSX and 2004), Documentation, Program Interface reference, sample of using.

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DBS Profile Radar present to any aircraft in Flight Simulator feature of preview terrain relief before aircraft. Profile Radar can be used as standalone window (left window on screenshot) in any aircraft and any view (cockpit, virtual cockpit, external view, tower view) and adjustable throught configuration window or can be used in XML gauge and configurable throught XML variable (right window on screenshot).

Profile Radar is a new generation of flight-safety tools and can be assist to pilot on a low-altitude flight over strong terrain relief (bush flying, visual approach in bad wheater conditions, helicopter operation etc.).

Profile Radar have documented program interface and can be implemented into any aircraft in Flight Simulator like internal GPS or can be used as allways-visible window on predefined screen place.

DBS Profile Radar Demo for FS2004 (378 kB)

Update for DBS Profile Radar:

Update 1.4:
New gauge skin (last screenshot);
Automatic installing to any aircraft without editing panel.cfg
Download for FSX and FS2004

DBS Profile Radar Screenshots: