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DBS TerrainMap

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Terrain Map represents on monochromatic display a real terrain relief map before aircraft and can be used on "Bush Flying", approach in hard weather conditions at mountain airports or any other similar conditions..
Terrain map represents top-down, aircraft oriented view of the scenery terrain and could be zoomed by Range buttons.
Terrain map have plain map (MAP mode) or highlighted terrain altitude peaks (PEAK mode).
For safe flight use PEAK mode and follow to the dark areas on map (in PEAK mode dark area represent map from 300 feet below aircraft altitude, light area represent terrain altitudes above aircraft altitude).
DBS Terrain Map presents special interface that provides ability to customize itself for different tasks, like implementation into simulator GPS or adapting to custom panel.

DBS TerrainMap updates:

Update 1.0.2 for FS2004:
Updated atomatic implementation to compatibility with Profile Radar and next updates for DBS Studio products.

Update 1.1.0 for FSX:
Updated panel.cfg implementation procedure (now enabled changing panel.cfg in protected Program files folder under Vista/Windows 7);
Automatic implementation now disabled (for enable automatic implementation change parameter ManualInstallToPanel=1 to ManualInstallToPanel=0 in <simulator folder>/dbs/dbs.TerrainMapX.ini);
Required Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package: Download package
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