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DBS VarView Utility is designed for creating and debugging Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight gauges. The program is ideal for learning simulator tokens and variables, described in Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Software Development Kit and debugging XML constructions.
Program can be configured to display up to 4 transparent windows that do not interfere with simulator interface. Windows sizes, positions and colors can be configured by user.

Program can be used to learn simulator tokens, parameters and EventId's, (described in SDK) dynamically while running simulator or debugging an application. Program doesn't interfere any other gauges or utilities.

The main advantage of the utility that a programmer can see how a selected token or parameter exactly work in real-time environment. It is also possible to control internal simulator variables with EventId's.

Program can be used to control XML constructions and check the link between gauges with Named Vars.

Token's and EventId's are selected from the list in dialog window. When entering parameter a check is made to make sure it is correct. A warning is displayed if it is not.

Selected components can be saved to configuration file and later be used without need to select them from the list.

The author of VarView utility is an experienced commercial software developer. The software was designed for everyday needs of simulator gauges programmer.

VarView utility is ideal for beginners and for advanced programmers. Beginners can learn simulator dependences and XML coding notation. Advanced programmers can easily create test gauges and see the results of EventId execution. You no longer need to remember all token results and principles of operation.

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