DBS Walk And Follow FSX:

DBS WalkAndFollow FSX

Included WalkAndFollow FSX Install and documentation.

Current price:

$29.99 (FSX)
$39.99 (FSX/FS2004)


DBS Walk And Follow tool expand Flight Simulator X mechanism of cameras and add unique opportunity to free walk around (without any limitations). DBS WalkAndFollow tool intended for users, who have interest in challenges of Flight Simulator X scenery and take a screenshots (with an opportunity of saving “Point of interest”) and exchange of such point with other users. Also DBS WalkAndFollow tool expand work with simulator cameras (in virtual cockpit or in aircraft view) without simulator limitations of distance or angles and allow to write changes of view points into cameras definitions.

DBS Walk And Follow FSX features:

Follow mode: in this mode camera can be attached to the user aircraft (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)
Walk mode: free camera movement mode without limits of distance or altitude.
Variable camera movement speed (slow, normal and fast)
Unlimited amount of custom viewpoints (POI) for Walk mode, that can be stored to external file for exchange
Integrated simulator cameras from aircraft.cfg (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)
Three dimensions camera movement (cursor key and mouse movement used)
Two modes of mouse movement (with Space key or with middle mouse button)
Zoom mode
Surface control mode (for prevent to fail throught ground surface)
Info String

DBS Walk And Follow Screenshots:

DBS Walk And Follow FSX Updates

For compatibility with Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Pack, Windows Vista and solve possible problems with widescreen monitors after installation DBS Walk And Follow please install Walk And Follow Patch

DBS Walk And Follow Cameras Editor

Free tool for editing stored in file cameras definitons and export WalkAndFollow cameras into fixed cameras in global simulator cameras list or flights/aircraft files (for use stored position as "free tower" with aircraft track or for send stored placed in scenery to users, who not have DBS Walk And Follow software).

DBS Walk And Follow Camera Editor
Sample flight with stored world places and Oshkosh RWY18/RWY36 places with aircraft track.