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DBS Airport GPS

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DBS Airport GPS - is the new way to navigate while taxiing in airport!

Now, driving in any airport is like to drive your car on the streets with your favorite Car GPS! Run GPS and follow by route from gate to runway. Touchdown and taxiing by GPS route to any parking!

DBS Airport GPS shows top-down view of the airport map. Map could be dragged by mouse and zoomed by mouse wheel.

Route path calculated from current aircraft position to runway, parking, gate, helipad.

DBS Airport GPS created as most-used automotive GPS and present special interface, that provides ability of customization for different tasks like implementation into simulator GPS or adapting to custom panel.

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DBS Airport GPS External Window:

For use Airport GPS without installing GPS to aircraft panel or to use on 2nd monitor
For both version of Airport GPS (FSX/2004)
Work with Airport GPS ver. 1.4 or above.
Accessible from desktop or from simulator menu Airport GPS/Open External GPS
Download install package or
Download update to ver.1.4

DBS Airport Updates:

DBS Airport GPS update 1.9.0.
Updated panel.cfg implementation procedure (now enabled changing panel.cfg in protected Program files folder under Vista/Windows 7);
Automatic implementation now disabled (for enable automatic implementation change parameter ManualInstallToPanel=1 to ManualInstallToPanel=0 in <simulator folder>/dbs/dbs.AptGPS.ini);
Required Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package: Download package
From previous updates:
Improved order of scanning afcad files for quality drawing of the map in addon scenery's;
Helicopter mode: Airport GPS active on altitude up to 100 ft;
Transparency processing BGL scenery files, while scenery files loading to simulator - not needed run Database Update Tool after append scenery to simulator;
Automatic implementation to panel while aircraft loading by simulator - not needed more install GPS to panel.cfg for every aircraft;
Airport traffic indication (blue symbols - aircrafts, green symbols - automobiles) - FSX Only;
Access to "Route To" function direct from GPS window;
"Route To" menu command automatically open GPS window;
"Add To Panel" menu replaced to "Open/Close GPS Window" (menu command open or hide GPS window);
Updated visual elements on GPS window;
For FSX/SP2/Acceleration Pack or FS2004/SP1 only!
Download update for ver. 1.9 for FSX or ver. 1.8 for FS2004

DBS Airport For Prepar3D Note:

When operating system cannot found library mfc120u.dll:
Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 and reinstall Airport GPS;
On some operating systems (especially win8.1) - download library mfc120u.dll for 32bit Windows or 64bit Windows and unpack to <simulator folder>/dbs/, then run AptGPSPreparAddToStartup.exe (or AptGPSPrepar2AddToStartup.exe for Prepar3D v2) to enable starting Airport GPS together with simulator

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